Helen's Walk Tour

Planning to travel to San Francisco? Want a personalized tour of the city? Would you rather avoid the masses and see the City as it really is, from ground level?

Helen Rendon offers her Grand Tour, featuring three favorite neighborhoods in San Francisco for an easy 3-1/2 hour walk. Starting from Union Square, she will take you through some of the more charming nooks and crannies of North Beach and Chinatown.

Reservations are required. Cost of the tour for two only is $50 per person, for three or more, $40.00, with group rates available.

For reservations, please complete this easy order form then print it and mail it with a check payable to Helen's Walk Tour P.O. Box 9164, Berkeley, CA. 94709. You may also call toll free 1-888-808-6505, 510-524-4544 for local calls or Fax 510-524-5978.